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At Flavour Shield we aim to transform the way food is treated and preserved, creating a healthier and more sustainable future for all. With our innovative and unique PRO3TECT technology we provide a safe, effective and sustainable ozone treatment solution for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Sell More & Higher Quality Products

Earn more money in your business and for your customers!

  • Up to 25% less food waste
  • Fresher and higher quality products
  • Retention of peak of flavour
  • Substantial shelf-life extension
  • No chemicals, completely natural
  • Highly time efficient process
  • Strong food waste reduction
  • Plug and play

Product Highlights

Pro3Tect is a unique system which out performs all other technologies in the market.

  • Complete penetration: A specific vacuum and air turbulence protocol ensures even ozone penetration between all palletized boxes/packages.
  • Kill step: Our process disinfects the product while the microbes are in their most vulnerable condition, before they enter cold storage.
  • A minimal and controlled ozone concentration dramatically reduces the microbial load on the fruit skin but does not affect flavour or other quality parameters.
  • 20+ variables influence ozone activation and penetration for each crop type. Exact ozone dosage ensures effective microbial reduction without impacting the physical and chemical product properties. 
  • No human safety concerns: The system is completely enclosed and destroys the ozone after the treatment is finished, so no human exposure to danger.
  • 30-minute cycle: The treatment time of less than 30 minutes allows integration in commercial production processes.
  • No interference: The process does not interfere with the current packing process and is easily implementable.

Detailed Information

Product Video – see the unit in action.

Download our Economic Value Added tool to calculate the value that Pro3Tect can add to your business and to your customers.

Watch the explanation on the Economic Value added tool here.

Meet The Team

Here’s our team. If you are interested in joining our team, just send us a message via the contact page.

Helmut Leili – Founder & CEO
Rob Kooijmans – Co-Founder & CFO
Juan Gibelli – Sales Director LATAM